Grudziądz to Bydgoszcz (24)

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Colourful poland - so many flowers along the way from Grudziądz to Bydgoszcz.

On our rest day in Grudziądz the sun was shining very hot. But on our camping ground were a lot of trees which protected us from the heat. After breakfast we wanted to go into the city. The camping ground was around 6 km far from the center and we did not want to use our bicycles. But there was…

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Malbork to Grudziądz (23)

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Our bikes at a resting place in a nice forest some kilometers before Grudziądz.

On our rest day in Malbork we decided to sleep long. After breakfast we did some stuff on our notebooks which was a bit difficult due to the bad wifi and also our mobile data connection. Next to the camping ground was a football field. Alex watched a game of the local club TP Nogat Malbork. They were down by…

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Gdańsk to Malbork (22)

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More colourful houses in Gdańsk.

For the ferry in the evening to Gdańsk we needed a negative Covid Test. Therefore we took a train to Stockholm as we had an appointment there for a test. Without any problems we got there and the test took only a few minutes. Before we took the train home we had lunch at a MAX fast food restaurant. Meanwhile…

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Saltsjö-boo (Stockholm) to Nynäshamn (21)

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Lunch at the library bus stop on the way to Nynäshamn.

In Stockholm we stayed for four days. On the first day we had to relax to recover from the tour before. Alex had still problems with the shift gear and tried to get it fixed at a bicycle repair shop but had no luck. So he had to postpone the repair. On the second day we explored Stockholm (it was…

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Sundbyholm to Saltsjö-boo (Stockholm) (20)

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Dark sky over some suburban area of Stockholm.

After our late breakfast in the sunshine Alex tried to clean some stuff from the broken chain cleaner. Then we were ready to explore a little bit of the surroundings. Near the camping ground was the longest sand beach of the Mälaren, but first we had a little snack at a small café next to the marina. After our walk…

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Fiskeboda to Sundbyholm (19)

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Our camping spot in Sundbyholm.

Alina woke up by a loud plastic sound - the crows where back! Just as in Japan they were looking for potatoe chips. And sadly we did not secure everything in the evening and they had success. Never leave plastic bags outside the tent...🙄 The camping ground in Fiskeboda was in a really remote area. There were no shops or…

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Askersund to Fiskeboda ( 18 )

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View over lake Vättern from the campsite in Askersund at 2:30 in the night.

After making laundry at our camping ground we explored the city of Askersund during perfect weather. The sun was shining and we had blue sky when we walked from our camping ground to the city. Our first stop was of course a chocolate café were we had a very delicious Fika. Alex would like to eat all of their sweets,…

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Vassbacken to Askersund (17)

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Tent and tarp are set at the campsite near Askersund - ready for the next rain...

In the morning of the day we spent in Vassbacken the sun was shining. The weather forecast was almost rain all day again, so we took the chance and cycled back to Töreboda and bought some food at supermarket (there was nothing close to the campsite...). Also we could see the part of the cycle path next to the Göta…

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Mariestad to Vassbacken (16)

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Found the Göta kanal! Just after the big rain shower.

On our two relax days in Mariestad we had mostly brilliant weather. Our camping ground was next to the Gamla Ekuddens nature reserve which is a famous spot among the local bird watchers. We could follow a path through this nature reserve leading us directly to the Marina of Mariestad. Next to the harbor was a small food court where…

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Lidköping to Mariestad (15)

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Sundown over lake Vänern seen from the campsite near Mariestad.

On our rest day in Lidköping it rained all day and mostly even heavy. So we had no motivation at all to explore the city. But our camping ground was well equipped so we took the chance to do our laundry. We spent most of the day in the public kitchen area and did some stuff on our notebooks. In…

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