Read about our bike adventures in the backland of Japans less touristic island Shikoku. Starting from the arrival in Yawatahama by ferry from Beppu. Further getting directly into the experience of a lonely but peaceful campsite in Ehime. From the great Dogo Onsen and the castle of Matsuyama down to the coast line. Along the ocean to get again into the inland and follow the river Shimanto through the fruitful region in the south of the island. Further along rice fields and other agriculture to Kochi, the main city of the prefecture. Visiting the city during awful weather and heading north through the stunning Iya Valley, where freezing and sunshine lay close together. Leaving Shikoku from Takamatsu to arrive on the main island at Kobe. We saw a lot of different landscapes, met generous people, who supplied us with gifts during our ride. It was a thrilling experience in 7 stages over 500 km.



This is not the exact path we took. We did not record this tour, so we tried to create the track file from our memory.