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Dog comforting during the break.

Northern part of the “Herrenhaus Rundweg” (2)

For our second stage we decided to cycle some kilometers of the northern part of the “Herrenhaus Rundweg”. The weather condition was not as good as on the day before. It was very cloudy and colder. Also the weather forecast for this day contained some hours of rain. But when we started it was dry, so we gave it a shot. Our first kilometres were the same as when we returned from the stage before. So Lani had to overcome some cobblestones and when we passed the camping ground near “Krakow am See” we cycled further north.

We followed the main road which had an extra lane for bicycles. The first village we passed was Charlottenthal. There we stopped for a photo of the burned castle. We followed the main road till “Gross Grabow” where we had switch on side roads. And for some kilometres the road was just cobblestone. After like 15 minutes of constant shaking we were a little worried how Lani is doing. But she didn’t complain, so we continued our trip. It started to rain when we came closer to “Klein Grabow” so we made a break there.

Cycling in bad weather on the Herrenhaus Rundweg

We could find some shelter in a little open hut with a bench. But of course when we let Lani out of her dog trailer she wanted to take a little walk. So we explored the area but the village consisted only of a few houses and Lani was also more interested in trees and flowers (and garbage cans 🙈). After everyone got some snacks we continued our tour in the rain. We passed the village of Lüdershagen and cycled on a dirt road for some kilometres until we came back to an asphalted street.

We followed this road and passed some little villages. The rain got a stronger and we felt quite cold. It was windy especially when we passed open terrain with mostly just fields around us. When we came closer to the village Kuchelmiß we left the Herrenhaus Rundweg and entered a forest. The path was sometimes very muddy and we also had to climb small hills. It was a bit challenging for Alex to pull the dog trailer through the forest. But after this episode we came back to an asphalted street and after some little ups and downs we were back at our apartment and could dry all the wet stuff.


Total distance: 33.37 km
Max elevation: 69 m
Min elevation: 19 m
Total climbing: 308 m
Total descent: -308 m
Average speed: 14.62 km/h
Total time: 03:01:58
Download file: meckpom-2023-stage2-grabow.gpx

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