Round trip to the “Mecklenburgische Schweiz” (4)

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Rough cycling path on the "Eiszeitroute" route.

For our forth stage we planned to cycle to another lake in the area and check out the Mecklenburgische Schweiz. The weather forecast wasn’t so good, but when we got our bikes ready the sun was shining. It was a bit windy but the temperature wasn’t too bad. Before, we took a walk with Lani and also played with her…

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Round trip to Alt Schwerin (3)

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Last stop after a mini training with the leash on the bike.

On our third stage the weather got better than the days before. It was still cloudy but the temperature was above ten degrees Celsius 💪. So we got the bicycles ready and Lani was also motivated to start the stage, which was a round trip to Alt Schwerin. First, we followed a major street on a separate bicycle lane. We…

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Northern part of the “Herrenhaus Rundweg” (2)

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Dog comforting during the break.

For our second stage we decided to cycle some kilometers of the northern part of the “Herrenhaus Rundweg”. The weather condition was not as good as on the day before. It was very cloudy and colder. Also the weather forecast for this day contained some hours of rain. But when we started it was dry, so we gave it a…

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Around lake Krakow (1)

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Alex bike with the dog trailer at the Langsee.

For our first really trip we chose a trip around the lake “Krakow”. It wasn’t really warm but the sun was shining so it was not too bad. After we got everything ready we followed the main road which led us to the next village called Dobbin. The cycle path we followed was called “Herrenhaus Rundweg” and it brought us…

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Prologue – Mecklenburgische Seenplatte

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Nice weather and a perfect bathing spot - however way too cold water!

After a long break we really wanted to go back on our bicycles, but bikepacking4life had a new member! 🐶Our sporty, sometimes a bit fearful, dog called Lani. We did some training at home with her to see if she would be fine with cycling and being in a dog trailer to be attched to the bicycles. Before doing a…

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