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Rough cycling path on the "Eiszeitroute" route.

Round trip to the “Mecklenburgische Schweiz” (4)

For our forth stage we planned to cycle to another lake in the area and check out the Mecklenburgische Schweiz. The weather forecast wasn’t so good, but when we got our bikes ready the sun was shining. It was a bit windy but the temperature wasn’t too bad. Before, we took a walk with Lani and also played with her at the big garden of our apartment. Hoping it might be easier if she is a little bit tired for staying in the dog trailer. We cycled into to the east to the small village of “Gross Bäbelin” on a major street.

We wanted to get to the lake “Malchiner See” and therefore we used our navigation device. In Gross Bäblin it led us into a forest on a very muddy road. We entered the forest for a view meters, when a car came from the front. So we stopped and the friendly driver told us (loud laughing) that this road is probably not suitable for our bikes (“unless we want it like that”) and especially not for the dog trailer. So we took the road which he recommended to us. This one brought us along fields and forests and we really enjoyed cycling there.

The though side of the Mecklenburgische Schweiz

After a while we came back on a major road and where close to our planned goal. But we saw some cycle signs which showed the way of the so called “Eiszeit Route”. So we gave it a shot and followed this route. Just a few minutes later the street turned into really bad cobblestone 😵. It went on and on for some kilometres and there were also some ramps we had to climb. We really wondered how they could officially call this a bicycle route! Our motivation to explore the Mecklenburgische Schweiz further declined and it was more of a fight than cycling. Also for Lani the shaking was kind of exhausting. When we came to an open grass field we decided to have a break.

Lani really enjoyed the running on the field. But we didn’t let her of the leash because the field was surrounded by forest and we saw a lot of deer in this area which triggers Lanis hunting instinct. When everybody had eaten his/her snacks we continued our stage. We decided that as soon as we would get to the next major street we would turn on this street and cycle back to the apartment. In general, it is more fun to cycle on field roads or side streets but until this point cycling was tough and also the weather got quite cold and windy.

For the next few kilometres cycling was easy but when we passed Groß Wokern the headwinds got stronger and we needed a lot for energy to come further. But the streets were in good condition and there was not that much traffic going on. Later, we could switch to smaller side roads which were also asphalted and in good conditions. We were happy when we saw Serrahn because we knew we were almost back at the apartment. Just a few ups and downs later we were back. It didn’t take long after we put the bicycles in the shelter and it started to rain. So this was a nice timing to end our final stage of the little excursion to east Germany.


Total distance: 49.87 km
Max elevation: 115 m
Min elevation: 23 m
Total climbing: 525 m
Total descent: -496 m
Average speed: 14.90 km/h
Total time: 04:19:25
Download file: meckpom-2023-stage4-mecklenburgische-schweiz.gpx

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