Round trip to the “Mecklenburgische Schweiz” (4)

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Rough cycling path on the "Eiszeitroute" route.

For our forth stage we planned to cycle to another lake in the area and check out the Mecklenburgische Schweiz. The weather forecast wasn’t so good, but when we got our bikes ready the sun was shining. It was a bit windy but the temperature wasn’t too bad. Before, we took a walk with Lani and also played with her…

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Northern part of the “Herrenhaus Rundweg” (2)

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Dog comforting during the break.

For our second stage we decided to cycle some kilometers of the northern part of the “Herrenhaus Rundweg”. The weather condition was not as good as on the day before. It was very cloudy and colder. Also the weather forecast for this day contained some hours of rain. But when we started it was dry, so we gave it a…

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Agrate Brianza to Como (70)

Agrate Brianza to Como (70)
Rainy days are coming back!

Due to the long stage on the day before we chose to start a bit later. The Motel we stayed at provided an Italian style breakfast which consisted of a coffee and a croissant. Como was not that far so we thought that this would be enough. After breakfast we got the bicycles ready and during this we heard some…

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San Lorenzo Nuovo to Ponte a Tressa (64)

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Bright moon over lake Bolsena.

On our rest day at the camping ground at lake Bolsena we had late breakfast and after this we had to do some daily business like laundry. Afterwards we bought some food for dinner at the market on the camping ground and spent a lot of time at the restaurant doing stuff at our notebooks. You also could enjoy the…

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Pokrzywna to Hanušovice (32)

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Welcome in different languages - nice rest place at the hotel.

The stage we did a day before was hard and costed a lot of energy. Also due to the two flat tires itH took a lot of time. So we decided to relax on our rest day and not to do that much. After breakfast we did some stuff at our notebooks. Later we had a Pierogis and Potatoe Pancakes…

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Sobótka to Złoty Stok (30)

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Maybe very old hiking paths? Where to go? We don´t know...

After a noisy and rainy night we woke up pretty early. We decided to start with breakfast because the rain stopped and we wanted to give the tent some time to dry (did not work as rain started again...haha). Afterwards we packed our bags, put on our cycle clothes, and dissembled the tent. When we filled our bottles at the…

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Wągrowiec to Poznań (26)

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Snack stop in the forest - good shelter for the coming rain.

Wągrowiec is the smallest town we have been so far in Poland. But still it had something to offer. So we took a walk around the area. Right behind the sport park led a path to a small lake. Not far from there was a little promenade where you could rent pedal boats. But we continued our tour to the…

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Vassbacken to Askersund (17)

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Tent and tarp are set at the campsite near Askersund - ready for the next rain...

In the morning of the day we spent in Vassbacken the sun was shining. The weather forecast was almost rain all day again, so we took the chance and cycled back to Töreboda and bought some food at supermarket (there was nothing close to the campsite...). Also we could see the part of the cycle path next to the Göta…

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Mariestad to Vassbacken (16)

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Found the Göta kanal! Just after the big rain shower.

On our two relax days in Mariestad we had mostly brilliant weather. Our camping ground was next to the Gamla Ekuddens nature reserve which is a famous spot among the local bird watchers. We could follow a path through this nature reserve leading us directly to the Marina of Mariestad. Next to the harbor was a small food court where…

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Mellerud to Lidköping (14)

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Tourplanning and coffee in Vänersborg.

On our rest day in Mellerud we did more or less nothing. It rained almost all day and was a bit cold. So we took the advantage of our cabin and stayed inside protected from the rain. In the evening when the rain paused for 2 hours we took a walk along the coast of lake Vänern. The landscape was…

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