Mellerud to Lidköping (14)
Tourplanning and coffee in Vänersborg.

Mellerud to Lidköping (14)

On our rest day in Mellerud we did more or less nothing. It rained almost all day and was a bit cold. So we took the advantage of our cabin and stayed inside protected from the rain. In the evening when the rain paused for 2 hours we took a walk along the coast of lake Vänern. The landscape was shrouded in thick fog. It was a really mystical atmosphere. Before we went to bed we started the preparation for the next stage. The morning was very cloudy and still a bit foggy. But the temperature was quite nice for a cycling tour. The goal of the day was Lidköping. For that we had to cycle more than 100 km around the Vänern. We were not quite sure if we could make it, but we wanted to try.

A pleasant start from Mellerud

When we left the camping ground on the only street, we came to the sign of the Dalslandsleden. We knew the direction of the bicycle path was the same that we wanted to take so we followed this track. After some kilometres we passed an attraction sign that hadn’t any further explanation (just some stones, probably a monument). So we took some photos and continued the tour. This area was mostly flat, so you could see for miles. Also there was much farm land with a few small forests.

When we came to Gestads we stopped at a sights what was revealed as the grave of Axel Erik Roos. He was a famous baron who saved the life of King Charles XII. For the next kilometres the area did not change much. We cycled on minor roads where not much traffic was going on. The conditions were very pleasant so we made good progress. Our next rest we made when came again close to the coast of the lake Vänern near Sikhall. We had some snacks, were happy about the warm, clean, and comfortable toilets, and could go on refreshed.

Visiting Vänersborg

Our first intermediate goal was Vänersborg. Alina did some research before and had found a nice café next to the lake. Before we came there we cycle through a beautiful park (Skräckleparken) where we also did a photo stop. At the café we ate a delicious prawn sandwich and a prawn salad. We knew that we had a lot of kilometres ahead so of course we also allowed us a little fika as dessert. The staff was very friendly an interest when they saw our bikes. So we also got a map of the lake Vänern and could checkout a good tour to Lidköping. After our lunch we could follow a nice bicycle road through a forest and nature reserve (Trollshätten-Vänersborgleden). After we passed a big factory which produces ferrochrome we discovered another bicycle road – the Västgötaleden.

Following the Västgötaleden to Lidköping

The Västgötaleden led us along a nature reserve with impressive vertical rock walls which looked like they would collapse at any minute. After we left these behind, we again entered an area of wide flat farm land. It was getting really hot and we were cycling in our summer clothes meanwhile. But still we made a lot of progress and we were cycling closer to the Vänern. After a while we passed a small airport and next to it was another sight. It was a stone grave from the bronze ages. After reading some information we could also climb of this big pile of stones and enjoy a beautiful view. We again had a little snack while stretching our overworked legs to be prepared for the last round about 30 km.

Racing against the weather to Lidköping

When we continued our stage we recognized behind us that dark clouds were appearing. We were a little bit tired, but the worries about an approaching storm let us pull together all our residual strengths. So we tried to drive away from the bad weather but we did not have any chance. There were more than 20 kilometres to our camping ground in Lidköping and the clouds were too fast for us. But surprisingly the weather was not as bad as we thought. It started to rain, but not too much. In addition, the rain provided the necessary cooling. However, we were happy when we finished our stage at the camping ground. Our legs were pretty tired after this tour. As the temperature should be good for the night, we decided to use our tent. After a delicious pizza and some relax time in the public room we went to bed very tired.


The total distance can be viewed on the “Sabbatical 2021 – Europe” page.

Total distance: 114.29 km
Max elevation: 89 m
Min elevation: 41 m
Total climbing: 548 m
Total descent: -556 m
Average speed: 19.90 km/h
Total time: 08:05:05
Download file: Sabbatical2021_014_Mellerud_to_Lidköping.gpx

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  1. Lothar Hermann

    114 Kilometer in 8 Stunden mit den vollgepackten Rädern…. Respekt! Da sollten die Beine wohl müde sein. Bleibt gesund und immer genügend Erholung zwischendurch.

    1. admin

      Dankeschön! Ja da waren wir wirklich ziemlich fertig – die Beine wollten auch gar nicht wieder abkühlen 😀

  2. Heinrich Boll

    Tolle Leistung und weiter viel Erfolg. Bleibt gesund.
    Freue mich schon auf die nächsten Berichte.

    1. admin

      Vielen Dank! Ebenso 🙂 !

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