Mariestad to Vassbacken (16)

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Found the Göta kanal! Just after the big rain shower.

On our two relax days in Mariestad we had mostly brilliant weather. Our camping ground was next to the Gamla Ekuddens nature reserve which is a famous spot among the local bird watchers. We could follow a path through this nature reserve leading us directly to the Marina of Mariestad. Next to the harbor was a small food court where…

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Mellerud to Lidköping (14)

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Tourplanning and coffee in Vänersborg.

On our rest day in Mellerud we did more or less nothing. It rained almost all day and was a bit cold. So we took the advantage of our cabin and stayed inside protected from the rain. In the evening when the rain paused for 2 hours we took a walk along the coast of lake Vänern. The landscape was…

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Ed to Mellerud (13)

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Bikes at the nature reserve Tingvallamossen.

After the tough last stage to the Dalsland district we decided to stay three nights in our cosy cabin in Ed. On our first day we took a walk around Lake Lilla Le. The centre of the city was on the opposite side of the lake. There we discovered a beautiful café, where we ate delicious cakes to celebrate Alex´s…

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Three days to relax and explore Göteborg

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Vegan cinnamon buns and chocolate cake from Cafeva in Haga, Göteborg. Having a nice "Fika" in the sun.

After two tough tours with each around 100 km we needed some rest time. Furthermore, we wanted to have some time to wash clothes, buy some gear and wash the bikes. And of course we planned to visit Göteborg with a bit more time. We were quite lucky with the weather on the first day. It still felt a bit…

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Frillesås to Göteborg (7)

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Älvsborgsbron - we arrived in Göteborg!

The night at the camping ground in Frillesås was cold again. Not freezing cold but still cold enough to wake up. We wanted to get up at 7 in the morning. The sun was already shining but it was still very cold. So we stayed in the tent and checked our options for today. In the end we decided to…

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Gullbranna to Falkenberg (5)

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Bus shelter swedish style - 8 km from Falkenberg.

After our improvised dinner at the campsite we went to bed early. We hoped to keep the warmth in our sleeping bags. When we closed our eyes around 21 o´clock we were quite confident to get through the frosty night. It went good until around 3 or 4 o´clock when the temperature fell below 0°C. Also the tent was frozen…

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Höganäs to Vejbystrand (3)

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Kattegattleden right after Höganäs. Nice path along the coast.

After a very comfortable night at the Villa Lindell we took a slow start. We were the only guests, so we had the living room for us alone and started with a big breakfast. It was so nice to see the sun shining after our snowy tour the day before. So we were happy when we finally got our bicycles…

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Skanör to Borstahusen (1)

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The Öresundsbron (Öresund bridge) from the swedish site near Malmö.

The week in Skanör flew away so fast with a lot of relaxing and kind of binch watching Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix. But we also visited some interesting spots in and around Skanör. One day we went to the beach of Skanör with a lot of nature reserve area for all kind of birds. The weather was sunny but…

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Sabbatical 2021 – Prologue – First stop Sweden

Sabbatical 2021 – Prologue – First stop Sweden
Our two bikes in front of the ferry center in Rostock.

When we started planning our Sabbatical more than two years ago, we imagined to start cycling southward and to spend our first weeks in France and Italy. But then the Corona pandemic hit and over a year there were ups and downs if travelling is possible or not. Also it was and is very uncertain when the pandemic will end.…

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Sabbatical 2021 – Bike and bag setup

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Our two bikes for the Sabbatical tour 2021.

On former trips in other countries such as Japan or New Zealand we always depended on the bike setup possible to rent on-site. Thus, it was mostly a compromise and not in all points what each of us would have preferred as an optimal setup. So for our big adventure we decided the bikes should be the best and suitable…

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