Three days to relax and explore Göteborg
Vegan cinnamon buns and chocolate cake from Cafeva in Haga, Göteborg. Having a nice "Fika" in the sun.

Three days to relax and explore Göteborg

After two tough tours with each around 100 km we needed some rest time. Furthermore, we wanted to have some time to wash clothes, buy some gear and wash the bikes. And of course we planned to visit Göteborg with a bit more time. We were quite lucky with the weather on the first day. It still felt a bit like sommer with 18 degrees and a lot of sunshine. The other two days the cold wind was back again and we had to face some rain and temperatures around 8 degrees.

Over the Götaälvbron to Lilla Bommen

Our appartment was located in the Waterfrontcabins in the district Tingstadsvassen. So to get into the city we had to cross the water each time. There was only one bridge, the Götaälvbron from 1939. Also cars and the tram have to cross the water by this bridge. The building itself has had the best days behind (it was a bit scary to walk over that rusty thing). But as a lot of constructions were ongoing in the city, also a new bridge was under construction. It looked quite fancy with a modern system to adjust the height to let ships pass. We checked out the district Lilla Bommen around the Opera and the marina. A stylish old sailor ship and some boats for trips to the skärgård (archipelagoes) were present.

The district Haga and the beautiful Trädgårdsföreningen

From Lilla Bommen we made our way along the water in the direction of the district Haga. We read about this area being quite cosy and relaxed with little shops and cafés. In the Caféva we had a typical Fika with some coffee. We also were happy to find vegan cinnamon buns (Kanelbullar) and chocolate cake there. A perfect lunch as the woman behind the counter said smiling.

Relaxed and with a bit of a sugar shock we walked along the Kungsparken over to an old park from the 19th century. The Trädgårdsföreningen is a huge areal with meadow spots to relax in the sun, a café (again) and normally some houses with special plants. Due to Corona these buildings were closed. However, it was nice to walk through and enjoy the sun. We were really impressed that Göteborg has so much green spots.

Searching for animals in Göteborg – the Slottskogen

As typical unorganized tourists we chose our next destination on the other side of the city. After a long hour of walking we got to the Slottskogen. This is another wide park areal with an animal park in it. Also some cafés and restaurants are there. When we got to the animal parks café we were a bit disappointed to find neither beer on the card, nor really a lot animals in the enclosers. After walking around it we chose to go to another bar located nearby. During a nice Mariestads in the sun we could watch some birds helping themselfes at the abandoned tables.

Gear shopping and bike wash in Göteborg

On our second day we cycled to a nearby shopping area in an industrial district (around 10 km). It was quite cold and windy again. Alex got an inlay for his sleeping bag and Alina a small top tube pocket for her bike. After that it was time for a little bike wash at the Clean Park in Göteborg. Not so easy with low amount of equipment and the cold wind blowing around you. At least the rough dirt was away afterwards, the chains a bit cleaner, and some new oil put onto.

Some culture and sugar – last day in Göteborg

On the third day we vistited the Röhsska museum of Design and Craft in Göteborg. Due to Corona we were almost alone (we saw only another couple). There was an exhibition about Asia with crafts from Japan and China. and one very interesting with furniture, and daily objects from different times.

On our way to the museum we had a quick stop at a “4-Gott” candy shop. The colourful selection blew us away. One did not know where to look first. Of course, we got a bit crazy and bought half a kilo (at least gelatine free) of that sweet stuff. In the evening we watched some more episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine, and got everything prepared for a fast start in the morning so we could sleep a little longer.

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  1. Michelle

    Dante fragt ob ihr ihm was mitbringen könnt aus dem Süßigkeitenladen 😂😬 Ihr habt euch scheinbar gut erholt, super. Ich bin gespannt wo es jetzt hingeht! X PD

    1. admin

      Haha mal sehen ob wir nochmal an so einem Laden vorbeikommen, dann schicken wir ein paar Snoepjes rüber 😂 Jap war auf jeden Fall gut ein paar Tage drin zu schlafen 😁 X, die andere PD

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