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Alex bike with the dog trailer at the Langsee.

Around lake Krakow (1)

For our first really trip we chose a trip around the lake “Krakow”. It wasn’t really warm but the sun was shining so it was not too bad. After we got everything ready we followed the main road which led us to the next village called Dobbin. The cycle path we followed was called “Herrenhaus Rundweg” and it brought us after some more kilometres to the shores of the lake “Krakow”.

We followed the paved road along some fields and always with a view on the lake. After we passed Glave we entered a forest area. The road switched between good gravel road, muddy road, and even sometimes sandy ground. So it was not always good for cycling with a dog trailer but we could still enjoy it. After the village “Neu Sammit” we cycled along the shores of the lake “Langsee”. We had a little break there and let Lani enjoy some water and explore the nature.

Welcome to Krakow

After a few more kilometres we left the forest and entered the small town of “Krakow am See”. When we came to the old town we made a stop next to the church. Also a bakery was next to it and we got us some snacks for lunch. The old town looked very nice and colourful. After Lani was a bit scared from the noise of the church bell Alex had to take her for a little walk so she could calm down.

When we left “Krakow” we followed the main road which had a cycle lane next to it. We found that cycling in this area is really comfortable. After a few kilometres we passed a camping ground and turned to side streets. Although we passed some cars cycling was still easy and not too busy with traffic. From time to time we had to cycle on cobblestone which was quite shaky. But Lani didn’t complain and after some little ups and downs we came to an asphalted road which brought us back to our apartment. Even sometimes it wasn’t easy to convince Lani to jump into her dog trailer, our first stage with Lani was a wonderful trip and lets hope for more 🥰.


Total distance: 33.22 km
Max elevation: 82 m
Min elevation: 49 m
Total climbing: 272 m
Total descent: -267 m
Average speed: 13.21 km/h
Total time: 03:41:26
Download file: meckpom-2023-stage1-krakow.gpx

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