Wągrowiec to Poznań (26)

Wągrowiec to Poznań (26)
Snack stop in the forest - good shelter for the coming rain.

Wągrowiec is the smallest town we have been so far in Poland. But still it had something to offer. So we took a walk around the area. Right behind the sport park led a path to a small lake. Not far from there was a little promenade where you could rent pedal boats. But we continued our tour to the…

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Malbork to Grudziądz (23)

Malbork  to Grudziądz (23)
Our bikes at a resting place in a nice forest some kilometers before Grudziądz.

On our rest day in Malbork we decided to sleep long. After breakfast we did some stuff on our notebooks which was a bit difficult due to the bad wifi and also our mobile data connection. Next to the camping ground was a football field. Alex watched a game of the local club TP Nogat Malbork. They were down by…

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Fiskeboda to Sundbyholm (19)

Fiskeboda to Sundbyholm (19)
Our camping spot in Sundbyholm.

Alina woke up by a loud plastic sound - the crows where back! Just as in Japan they were looking for potatoe chips. And sadly we did not secure everything in the evening and they had success. Never leave plastic bags outside the tent...🙄 The camping ground in Fiskeboda was in a really remote area. There were no shops or…

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