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Last stop after a mini training with the leash on the bike.

Round trip to Alt Schwerin (3)

On our third stage the weather got better than the days before. It was still cloudy but the temperature was above ten degrees Celsius đŸ’Ș. So we got the bicycles ready and Lani was also motivated to start the stage, which was a round trip to Alt Schwerin. First, we followed a major street on a separate bicycle lane. We passed the big “Van der Valk Resort Lintsow” and a few kilometres later we entered a forest on side streets where not much traffic was going on. The road seems like an endless straight line through the forest. When we came to the small village “Drewitz” we took the chance to make a break at some benches. Lani wanted to discover the area but mostly got distracted by the rabbit droppings 😝. Alina tried also to let Lani run next to her bicycle for some meters which turned out good.

A small heaven in Alt Schwerin

When continuing our stage we still had to follow these endless straight roads in the forest. But they were in good conditions so cycling was nice and convenient. After a while we turned onto a major street and suddenly where back in the civilisation. We passed some smaller villages till we saw the windmill of “Alt Schwerin”. It was a bit late so we decided not to enter the Agroneum, but cycled to the cafe “Dörpladen”. This cafe turned out to be amazing, because we ate some delicious waffles, also the interior was stunning, and we got a bag as easter goodie. It contained a classroom from the 1970s which was built into a bar. Fantastic idea! Also outside Lani was a bit too much interested in the rabbits which lived in a big cherish. She didnÂŽt want to leave her new friends.

Visiting the lakes

When we finished our break Alina did a little walk with Lani because Lani didn’t want to enter the dog trailer. It turned out she needed some toilet break 😉. After this finally, we could convince her with some snacks to hop in and we could start again. For a few kilometres we could cycle along the shores of the lake “Plauer See” and we had some nice views. In Karow we had to turn on a major street. The street was almost new and in brilliant condition so we were very fast. After some kilometres we had to turn onto a minor street which lead us along the “Krakower See”. So we knew this part from our first stage.

When we passed Dobbin we were close to our apartment but we decided to do a little detour through the near forest. As Lani did not have a lot exercise during our ride, we let her run next to Alinas bike on the leash. Also it was a good training for her to get used to running next to our bikes when we were on side streets and could cycle in her pace. It wasn’t perfect but Lani got a feeling for it after a while. Next step would be the attachment of a metal bar especially for dogs to have both hands free and her safley beside the bike. Also after some running it was easier to convince Lani to get back in the trailer. A few minutes later we were at our apartment and suddenly even the sun was shining.


Total distance: 48.4 km
Max elevation: 99 m
Min elevation: 56 m
Total climbing: 336 m
Total descent: -325 m
Average speed: 15.39 km/h
Total time: 05:18:55
Download file: meckpom-2023-stage3-Alt-Schwerin.gpx

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