Wien to Mönichkirchen (37)

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Alex fighting the last meters to a farm, where we ask for water.

We planned to stay three nights at our hotel in Wien. And of course, the first day we needed for recovering from the heat stage on the day before. We slept long and relaxed a lot. We only left the hotel for lunch at some vegan/vegetarian restaurant and went to the supermarket. On the second day our energy was refilled,…

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Valtice to Wien (36)

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Nicest field of sunflowers :)

At night before the stage a thunderstorm occurred. We woke up from heavy rain and bright lightnings. But after some time it ended and we could sleep a bit more. After standing up in the morning everything was wet. So we started with breakfast in the kitchen of the creepy hostel. The sun was shining when we started to pack…

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Brno to Valtice (35)

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Gateway to Freedom - bikes in front.

We spent three days in the wonderful city Brno. On our first day we barely did anything. We were very tired from the stage on the day before. We only chilled at our apartment and took a little walk in the park around the corner. On the second day we first wanted to get something to repair our tent because…

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Olomouc to Brno (34)

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Caves in Sloup. Bats in there!

On our rest day in Olomouc it turned out that it was not the best idea to have some beers after a long and exhausting stage. So after breakfast we slept a bit more and started the day late. First we had to plan our tour. We weren’t that far from the Austrian border, so we did some research about…

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Hanušovice to Olomouc (33)

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Bikes in front of the Gymnázium Jana Opletala in Litovel.

After our first mountain stage the day before we decided not do too much on our rest day. It costed much energy to beat the ramps, so we slept very long and relaxed at our nice apartment. Hanušovice is a very small town, so there was not that much to do. In the evening we went to a local restaurant…

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Pokrzywna to Hanušovice (32)

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Welcome in different languages - nice rest place at the hotel.

The stage we did a day before was hard and costed a lot of energy. Also due to the two flat tires itH took a lot of time. So we decided to relax on our rest day and not to do that much. After breakfast we did some stuff at our notebooks. Later we had a Pierogis and Potatoe Pancakes…

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Złoty Stok to Pokrzywna (31)

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Flat tire number one...

After two tough stages on the days before, we decided that we needed a rest day. Our camping ground with some nice ponds was in a remote area surrounded by a lot of forest. Besides the orchestra of the frogs it was a quiet area. The owner was also very friendly and could even speak a few German words. So…

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Sobótka to Złoty Stok (30)

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Maybe very old hiking paths? Where to go? We don´t know...

After a noisy and rainy night we woke up pretty early. We decided to start with breakfast because the rain stopped and we wanted to give the tent some time to dry (did not work as rain started again...haha). Afterwards we packed our bags, put on our cycle clothes, and dissembled the tent. When we filled our bottles at the…

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