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Flat tire number one...

Złoty Stok to Pokrzywna (31)

After two tough stages on the days before, we decided that we needed a rest day. Our camping ground with some nice ponds was in a remote area surrounded by a lot of forest. Besides the orchestra of the frogs it was a quiet area. The owner was also very friendly and could even speak a few German words. So we had a slow start on our rest day and a late breakfast. Later we cycled four kilometers into the city of Złoty Stok for lunch at a nice bar. We had some vegetarian Pierogi and potato pancakes. Afterwards we bought some food at two supermarkets. For the first time we went to a “Dino” supermarket (we wanted all the time before but it was never the right time) but we could not get everything we needed. So it was a bit disappointing. Złoty Stok had some tourist attractions to offer (even a donkey in a superhero costume welcoming at the town entrance😍), but we were so tired that we went back to the camping ground and relaxed next to the ponds.

A Hot start and flat tire the first

On the next day we continued our tour. Due to the ponds and the grass the tent and tarp was pretty wet when we woke up around 6. So we started with breakfast, got dressed and than started to pack the bags and dissemble tent and tarp. When we put together the last things the sun was shining pretty hard and we already got sweaty before starting the stage. After we said goodbye to our lovely host, we had to cycle two kilometers back, where we came from, to get back on the bicycle route R9. The road led us through some forest and then along a lake. It was easy cycling on asphalted roads, but we realized that in this area aren’t that much signs for the R9. So we had to check on the maps once in awhile wether we were on the correct road.

When we crossed a major road in this area we realized that Alex rear wheel didn’t look good. It was not complete flat but it definitely lost some air. So it was time again to change the tube. With Alina’s idea to put some dish soap just on the spots where the wheel had the imbalances we could fix the problem this time. However, changing a tube (at Alex bike) takes us still some time, of course. The next kilometers we cycled through some small villages. We often had a beautiful view to the mountains of Hrubý Jeseník. When we came to the small village Ratnowice we discovered a beautiful place to make a short rest.

Déjà vu – flat tire

After the break we continued our stage along the Czech border. The landscape was really beautiful and there were also a lot of cyclists on the road. Sometimes they were interested and asked where we came from, and how much kilometers we cycle. The sun was shining pretty well but most of the time it was not too hot. When we came to the village Kwiatków Alex realized that his front wheel was flat. So we searched for a shadow place and changed again a tube of a wheel. Sometimes you can’t believe your bad luck. We got also this fixed and continued our tour.

After some time the bicycle road R9 did a big detour along the Jezioro Nyskie lake. We asked ourselves if we should take a shortcut but decided to cycle along the lake. The reward was some beautiful views. Time passed by that day very fast and we did not had a real lunch. It was almost three o’clock when we saw a little bar where we stopped. Alina had a wrap and Alex ordered a way too big pizza 😵. So he could (or more: had to) take some pieces with him for dinner. When we continued our stage it was really hot. Also we had still some trouble to find the signs of the R9.

Remote campsite with Pool

On the last kilometers we had some downhill passages but also had to climb a lot. Of course the highest point of the stage was two kilometers before our goal. We were very happy when we finally arrived at the camping ground. The owner was even fluent in German and gave us a nice shadow place. There was even a pool free to use. But it was late, so we built everything up, got a shower and had some dinner. After this stressful and though stage we went to bed and fell asleep immediately (hope not to dream about a flat tire).


The total distance can be viewed on the “Sabbatical 2021 – Europe” page.

Total distance: 79.18 km
Max elevation: 408 m
Min elevation: 202 m
Total climbing: 539 m
Total descent: -454 m
Average speed: 15.87 km/h
Total time: 09:31:52
Download file: Sabbatical2021_031_Zloty_Stock_to_Pokrzywna.gpx

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  1. Lothar Hermann

    Hey, ich glaube Alex hat wohl die Bonus-Card in Sachen Plattfuß😊. Aber solange ihr genug Flickzeug dabei habt, kann es ja immer weitergehen. Liebe Grüße

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      Haha ja der hat die irgendwie im Paket gebucht 😀 zumindest werden wir immer schneller im Wechseln 😉 Die neuste Herausforderung wird jetzt sein mit den Coronaregeln in Österreich klar zu kommen… wahrscheinlich gibts ne kleine Routenänderung 😀 Liebe Grüße aus Brünn, Alina

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