Złoty Stok to Pokrzywna (31)

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Flat tire number one...

After two tough stages on the days before, we decided that we needed a rest day. Our camping ground with some nice ponds was in a remote area surrounded by a lot of forest. Besides the orchestra of the frogs it was a quiet area. The owner was also very friendly and could even speak a few German words. So…

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Wrocław to Sobótka (29)

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Nice resting place at a playground along EuroVelo 9.

Our stay in Wrocław was a bit of a wild story. During this stay we took a two day trip back to Germany for a family party. Meanwhile our bicycles were parked at the house of Alex’s coworker (Thanks to Szymon and his family). In addition, Alex had problems with his bicycle after changing the chain. It took three bicycle…

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Grebbestad to Ed (12)

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Up and down on muddy gravel through a surreal forest landscape.

After waking up in our warm and cosy apartment in Grebbestad we looked outside the window and saw exactly what the weather forecast had predicted – a cloudy sky with a bit of rain. The temperature was around 4 to 5° Celsius. But anyway, we wanted to continue our tour and hoped it would not get too bad. On a…

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Japan 2019 Stage 4 – Kamifurano to Kamikawa

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Tire replacement on the side of the road to Kamikawa. Accompanied by a lot of ant attacks.

At the beginnig of the 4th stage starting from Kamifurano we had to face two problems. First was the bad weather which we could deal with. Second was Alinas sickness. But the tour must go one and our destination was 80 km far away in Kamikawa. So we took it slowly. Luckily we did not have to climb much on…

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