Rapolla to Conza della Campania (57)

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Next problem - unsafe bridges...should we take the road?

Our rest day in Rapolla started with breakfast at another apartment of our host. It was just a 15 minutes walk and a bit outside of the Rapolla on a hill. But the breakfast was really good with fresh figs from their own trees. When we returned to our room we relaxed for some time and did some stuff at…

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Trpanj to Slano (53)

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And further on - crazy views over the sea included :)

In Trpanj we spent three wonderful days without any cycling. Our camping ground was located next to the Adriatic sea, so Alina walked every morning from our tent into the sea (100 meter🤩) for a swim in the quietness of the early hours. Meanwhile Alex took the time for more sleeping. Later in the mornings we sat at the campsites…

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Novi Travnik to Ripci (49)

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Bikes with huge mountains in the back at our stop after climbing in the heat.

Due to the expected heat during the day we again stood up pretty early. After breakfast in our bed and getting everything ready we started our stage around 6:30. We talked to our host the day before and he told us that there was a lot to see around Novi Travnik and in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina in…

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Žepče to Novi Travnik (48)

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It was so nice to stay at you farm Dragan and Dragana - "Hvala"!

On our rest day at the "Eko agro Farma" we started slowly into the day. Our wonderful host prepared a breakfast for us with delicious self-made jam and ajvar🥰. Of course we also bought some of their products for our journey and got some Aronia juice as extra gift 👍. After breakfast we had to do some stuff on our…

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Lužani Bosanski to Žepče (47)

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Looks beautiful - but it is the wrong way... we will know some minutes later.

As planned we stood up very early and got everything ready for the stage. We found a bicycle route online which should led us through Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Adriatic Sea. But first we needed to cycle onto this route. We followed the main street and after some kilometers our navigation showed us to turn into a gravel road,…

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Krapje to Slavonski Brod (45)

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Unicycle in Novska on our way to Slavonski Brod.

Our alarm clock ringed at 4:30 pretty early in the morning. We did need a few more minutes but then we stood up. Our host left us some breakfast in front of our room door because we told him the day before we wanted to leave pretty early and before breakfast time. This was very kind. After breakfast we packed…

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Sisak to Krapje (44)

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A stork ready to fly :)

When we woke up in our apartment in Sisak we started our routine. Breakfast, packing bags and making the bicycles ready. Everything worked fine and we could start our stage quite early. We wanted to continue cycling along the river Sava on minor streets. We planned to have another stop before we will come to Slavonski Brod where we wanted…

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Vinica to Zagreb (42)

We didn’t sleep that well the night before the stage, so we started the day a little later. Today’s goal was the capital of Croatia – Zagreb. To get there we followed a bicycle route called "nationalna ruta 2". The last five kilometers on the previous stage we already followed this route and from that we knew there are no…

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Valtice to Wien (36)

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Nicest field of sunflowers :)

At night before the stage a thunderstorm occurred. We woke up from heavy rain and bright lightnings. But after some time it ended and we could sleep a bit more. After standing up in the morning everything was wet. So we started with breakfast in the kitchen of the creepy hostel. The sun was shining when we started to pack…

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Brno to Valtice (35)

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Gateway to Freedom - bikes in front.

We spent three days in the wonderful city Brno. On our first day we barely did anything. We were very tired from the stage on the day before. We only chilled at our apartment and took a little walk in the park around the corner. On the second day we first wanted to get something to repair our tent because…

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