Airolo to Göschenen (73)

On our rest day in Airolo it was again time for cleaning and checking the bicycles, because on the next day the Gotthardpass was waiting. So after breakfast we both cleaned our chains and cassette. Some gears of Alexs bicycle didn’t work smoothly but we hoped that they would last the rest of the tour. In the afternoon the weather…

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Bellinzona to Airolo (72)

Bellinzona to Airolo (72)
The mighty Gotthardpass is in sight.

In Bellinzona we stayed for one day. We were still tired from the previous stages and we knew that the next two stages would be pretty hard. Thus, we just relaxed in our fancy tent for most of the day. In addition, Alina had some pain in her left foot so we also had to take care for it. Bellinzona…

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Fürstenfeld to Bad Radkersburg (39)

Fürstenfeld to Bad Radkersburg (39)
Hello Mr. Ostrich?

After the two tough stages in a row on the days before we used our apartment in Fürstenfeld just for relaxing and regained some energy. We only left to go to the supermarket and get some supplies for the stay and also for the next stage. Also we used the time to do some stuff at our notebooks. Before we…

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Wien to Mönichkirchen (37)

Wien to Mönichkirchen (37)
Alex fighting the last meters to a farm, where we ask for water.

We planned to stay three nights at our hotel in Wien. And of course, the first day we needed for recovering from the heat stage on the day before. We slept long and relaxed a lot. We only left the hotel for lunch at some vegan/vegetarian restaurant and went to the supermarket. On the second day our energy was refilled,…

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Valtice to Wien (36)

Valtice to Wien (36)
Nicest field of sunflowers :)

At night before the stage a thunderstorm occurred. We woke up from heavy rain and bright lightnings. But after some time it ended and we could sleep a bit more. After standing up in the morning everything was wet. So we started with breakfast in the kitchen of the creepy hostel. The sun was shining when we started to pack…

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Malbork to Grudziądz (23)

Malbork  to Grudziądz (23)
Our bikes at a resting place in a nice forest some kilometers before Grudziądz.

On our rest day in Malbork we decided to sleep long. After breakfast we did some stuff on our notebooks which was a bit difficult due to the bad wifi and also our mobile data connection. Next to the camping ground was a football field. Alex watched a game of the local club TP Nogat Malbork. They were down by…

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