Roma to Trevignano Romano (62)

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Sundown with the shilouette of the St. Peter's Basilica.

Of course we had to stay some days in Roma and enjoy the city. But on the first day we were still pretty exhausted and also had to take care of our bicycles. After making laundry we wanted to take the bus to the nearest bicycle store to buy some spare parts. But we took the wrong bus, so we…

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Sperlonga to Roma (61)

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Sundown over the beach of Sperlonga.

On our rest day in Sperlonga we started with a late breakfast at the wonderful camping ground. There were not many parcels so it was quiet and in a remote area. After the breakfast we went to the beach and enjoyed the sun and the sea till late afternoon. Back at the camping ground we did some stuff at the…

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Napoli to Sperlonga (60)

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Napoli from above.

After the tough stages through the mountains of south Italy we needed two rest days in Napoli. We booked an inexpensive small apartment near the center of the city. The disadvantage was that during the night it was pretty loud because of the traffic at night and all the honking. However, after the breakfast our way into the city was…

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Avellino to Napoli (59)

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You already can see Napoli and the smog above the city.

We thought that Napoli isn't that far from Avellino, so we decided to start a bit later and stood up around seven. It was a Saturday night and our apartment was close to the center. Because of the heat we slept with open window and could hear the nightlife of the city from time to time. The highlight of the…

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Conza della Campania to Avellino (58)

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Bikes in front of the wonderful view close to Montemarano.

On our rest day at Conza della Campania we wanted to visit the “Parco Storico e Archeologico di Conza” which was just a few hundred meters away. So we could walk to the park which was located on a mountain. This sight consists of the remains of the town Conza. On 23th November in 1980 a massive earthquake occurred in…

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Bari to Corato (55)

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Accurate planted olive trees - looks so nice.

On our last day in Dubrovnik we basically just waited for the ferry to Bari. We could stay in the apartment a bit longer but the next guests where coming on that day. Good for us that we could leave the bicycles there and pick them up later. We walked into the harbor and sat into a cafe for some…

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