Schwanau to Knielingen (77)

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Have a snack stop with a beautiful river view.

After three long stages in a row, we decided that we needed one final rest day in Schwanau/Allmannsweier. We were pretty exhausted when we woke up and started slowly with breakfast. After making laundry we did some stuff at our notebooks. In the afternoon we took a little walk to the nearby lake. It was a very small lake but…

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Basel to Schwanau (76)

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Small cute lake next to our apartment.

It was a cloudy morning when we woke up in our hotel room in Basel. So after breakfast we brought our bags down via the elevator and prepared the bicycles in the underground car park. When we started the stage it was a bit cold and the top of the few skyscrapers in Basel were covered in clouds. In Basel…

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Myggenäs to Fossen (9)

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Nice view from our wooden cabin on the campsite in Fossen.

Like all the nights in the tent so far, also this night was quite cold. But after the gear shopping in Göteborg and some research we got a little bit better prepared. For example we stayed in the tent until the sun was already shining and the temperature started to rise. So we had a nice breakfast in the sun,…

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Gullbranna to Falkenberg (5)

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Bus shelter swedish style - 8 km from Falkenberg.

After our improvised dinner at the campsite we went to bed early. We hoped to keep the warmth in our sleeping bags. When we closed our eyes around 21 o´clock we were quite confident to get through the frosty night. It went good until around 3 or 4 o´clock when the temperature fell below 0°C. Also the tent was frozen…

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