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The Inasato tunnel is with 1441 m very long and scared us to hell. But at least there is some light present.

Japan 2019 Stage 2 – Inasato to Yunosawa Onsen

We started the second day at Inasato with a small japanese breakfast (朝ごはん) which included some juice and chocolate bread. We planned just a short trip to complete yesterday’s tour. Our first stop was at small shrine next to a reservoir. Thanks to the sunny weather we could relax there and enjoy the view.

The plan in the morning was to cycle just 25 km to the campsite. But in the end it turned into a mountain horror trip in the heat with more than 40 km. Thanks to Hokkaido for closed roads 😉. We also had to go through some tunnels like the Inasato tunnel. The tunnels had their own thrill because they are very loud when a car passes and of course it is extra scary when a truck comes along. Extra tip, sing or just steady count to calm yourself until you get to the end 😉. Good for us, that we could pass these tunnels without any accident. A small advantage of these tunnels was that it was very cool inside and that is a welcome change on hot days.

Yunosawa Onsen

We didn’t make it to the next campsite due to closed roads, nearing sun down and tired bodies. However, this gave us the chance to use a traditional japanese guesthouse for the night (Scan Portopia Yunosawa Onsen). These traditional guesthouses are called ryokan (旅館) and also include a hot Onsen, which is perfect to regain energy and relax. We also allowed ourselves a very delicious dinner. We stayed a bit longer as Alex got a cold and it was raining a lot the next days. We took the option to walk around the guesthouse and explored the beautiful wild area.


Total distance: 47.09 km
Max elevation: 896 m
Min elevation: 131 m
Total climbing: 2050 m
Total descent: -1820 m
Average speed: 23.80 km/h
Total time: 06:57:15
Download file: japan2019-stage2.gpx

The complete tour is here.
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