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Our bikes at a resting place with a big wine barrel near Albersweiler.

Overnighter Pfalz/Dahn 2019

To test our fitness level for our upcoming tour in Japan we decided to make a bikepacking trip to Dahn in the Pfalz. So we prepared our bicycles and Alex added some extra back rack for bags. The start of the tour was pretty smooth. We crossed the Bergstaße till Mannheim very fast because almost everything was flat and there were no mountains or even hills. However, cycling through Mannheim was not really nice, even with some bike roads. There was a lot of traffic and we had to stop every few minutes for traffic lights.

Into the Pfalz

When we passed “Neustadt an der Weinstraße” shortly after Mannheim, we had to face the first smaller hills. Also we left the more urban area around Mannheim and got deeper into the Pfalz. Finally, we got forest around us and the cycling was very pleasant due to less traffic. After ”Annweiler am Trifels” the last and most exhausting segment of the tour began. We passed some little towns along the route and had really steep ramps to beat. Shortly before the end there was a last descent which led us to Dahn. At the camping ground Büttelwoog we built up our tent fast and rewarded us with a big pizza and some beer. But we did not extend the celebration too much as we had to cycle our 100 kilometers back the next day and therefore wanted to wake up early.

Outward Journey

Total distance: 106.34 km
Max elevation: 365 m
Min elevation: 86 m
Total climbing: 1438 m
Total descent: -1306 m
Average speed: 20.42 km/h
Total time: 06:49:11
Download file: overnighter-pfalz-2019-stage-1.gpx

Our way back – leaving the Pfalz

When we woke up the weather was not that good and the weather forecast predicted a storm in some areas. So we decided to start our tour and watch the weather radar during cylcing. On our way back we took almost the exact route as before. Meaning we had already some steep ramps on our first kilometers. But when we overcame these hills we could relax at some descents. Near “Landau in the Pfalz” the last challenge of the day waited for us with a little climbing. The rest of the stage was a relaxing ride of 50 kilometers. We made some breaks to enjoy the nature. When we passed Mannheim we had to deal with some rain but at least there was no storm . Thus we arrived at home a little wet but happy that we made the whole tour.

Return Journey

Total distance: 103.6 km
Max elevation: 367 m
Min elevation: 87 m
Total climbing: 1253 m
Total descent: -1380 m
Average speed: 20.21 km/h
Total time: 06:42:45
Download file: overnighter-pfalz-2019-stage-2.gpx

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