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Maribor to Vinica (41)

Maribor will be our only stop in Slovenia, so of course we had to make a rest day and explore the city. But first thing first. The camping ground was well equipped so we used the washing machine to clean our clothes. Meanwhile we ate our breakfast. When we were ready we bought some bus tickets to get to our first destination: Covid test station (somehow a routine by now). Of course we missed the bus and had to wait another 30 minutes, so we walked there. On the website was written that you don’t need an appointment, but when we got there, the staff told us that we had to make one. So we made an appointment for the afternoon🙄.

Sightseeing in Maribor

We walked to the next bus station and took a bus into the city center. First we walked along the river Drava and enjoyed the view and also watched some swans. Afterwards we walked around the city and came across the main place with the Plague Column. Further we walked to the oldest vine in the world with over 400 years. We continued our walk and visited two churches. The cathedral of Maribor and a famous Bazilika. And then it was time for lunch. We found a nice vegan restaurant where we had delicious lunch. We had some time left till our test appointment so we had some drinks next to the Drava river, played some games and watched the swans searching for food (which was kind of disgusting as they found some old pizza (?) on the ground of the river….🤢).

Enjoying Maribor from above

After our negative test we took the bus back to the final destination next to the camping ground. One highlight was still waiting for us. Our camping ground was located close to the Pohorje which is a ski resort in winter and a bikepark in summer. So we took a ride on the cable car to get to the summit on 1042m. We had a spectacular view over Maribor and its surroundings. You could also go hiking there but it was too late. So after a snack and a short walk we took the ride back and had some dinner at the camping ground. Afterwards we went to bed because we wanted to start early on the next day.

We woke up a little later than planned but breakfast and getting the bicycles ready was fast. Our goal for today was Vinica, the first bigger town in Croatia after the border. Therefore, we wanted to follow the Drava bike path (Drauradweg). To get onto the path we had to cross Maribor once again. Cycling in the city was okay because most of the time there was a bicycle lane but we had to stop at many traffic lights. Finally, we left the city behind and we cycled on perfect bicycle paths.

Following the river Drava

The Drava bike path was really good developed. There were signs everywhere which also showed how many kilometers there are to the next city. Also there were many rest places along the way with big maps that showed the surrounding area. Everything was in perfect condition. Cycling along the river was also relaxing because the area was very flat. Often we had beautiful views on mountains ranges and we were happy that we hadn’t to cycle them. Our first stop we made next to a football field and a big wooden castle which Alex occupied.

Afterwards we continued on our easy paths. There were also some other cyclists on their way and even some of them with bags like us. When we came to Ptuj we were amazed by the beautiful old town and the wonderful locations along the river. Of course, we had to make some photos. Also afterwards we came across many cute small towns which just looked appealing. In Stojnci we took the chance and stopped at a small local supermarket because it was time for lunch. Of course, afterwards it took us some kilometers till we came to the next rest stop where benches and tables were located. During our lunch a farmer stopped and gave us some fresh carrots for free😍. What a nice gesture and we were very happy.

Dober dan Hrvatska

We were close to the city of Ormož which was the last town we passed before entering Croatia. Our stay in Slovenia was way too short because it had so much to offer and there would be so much to explore. But we made our plans for the next stages, so we had to move on. This was the first border on which we’ve actually been controlled and the first time someone checked our Covid-19 test. Good for us that we had done one the day before. After a picture on the border we had to drive just a view more kilometers on major streets till we came to Vinica. We already booked an apartment and a very friendly host welcomed us and also had some cool beers for us as gift. Also the apartment was almost luxury so we relaxed for the rest of the day.


The total distance can be viewed on the “Sabbatical 2021 – Europe” page.

Total distance: 72.76 km
Max elevation: 313 m
Min elevation: 216 m
Total climbing: 267 m
Total descent: -333 m
Average speed: 17.78 km/h
Total time: 06:27:44
Download file: Sabbatical2021_041_Maribor_to_Vinica.gpx

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    In Kroatien sind wir vor paar Jahren mit einem Omnibus gewesen. Hat uns auch sehr gefallen. Wünsche Euch einen schönen Aufenthalt und bleibt gesund.
    Viele Grüße aus Steinbach.

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      Vielen Dank! Schöne Grüße zurück!

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