Lysekil to Grebbestad (11)
View over the harbor and restaurants area in Gebbestad.

Lysekil to Grebbestad (11)

After six really relaxing days in Lysekil, where we used the time to recover, we could not wait any longer to continue our tour. We started with an early breakfast in the big dining area, packed our bags and got ready. When we attached our bags to the bicycles outside we noticed how warm it was. There was almost no wind, the sun was shining bright and no clouds in sight – it was the golden May. It felt like summer when we finally started and left the beautiful town of Lysekil. Our destination for today was Grebbestad. We wanted to cycle a bit further north, before we will explore the inland and head to Vänern.

A route rich in variety

There are not many roads which lead further north from Lysekil, so we mostly had to took the main roads. Sometimes we were lucky and there was an extra path for bicycles and sometimes not. We used our navigation to get to Grebbestad and added some stops to lead the route along more quiet roads. The combination of the bicycle navigation and theses points resulted in interesting back streets from time to time. For instance we did not drive through the town Brastad, but along a beautiful road where farms and forest alternated and we really could enjoy cycling.

After some more kilometers on a main road we again switched to minor streets. It was really exciting to see the fields, forest, and big stone formations along the road. There was always something interesting to see and through the warm and nice weather one would like to take a break around every corner and have a nice picnic. But we were in such a good flow and cycling was so much fun that we almost didn’t do any breaks.

Ice cold lunch stop in Hamburgsund

After a while our path brought us nearer to the coastline. We went to a supermarket in Hamburgsund to get some food and searched for a lovely place near the water where we could have our lunch in the sun. At first it was really pleasant, but after a few minutes it got cold and the icy wind was back. When we finished lunch we wore full gears to protect us against the coldness. So we decided against the idea to make a short visit on the island Hamburgö by a mini ferry trip. Instead we got on the bikes searching for the next mountain to get warm and feel our limbs again.

Fjällback and Grebbestad – the tourist route

Around Hamburgsund we had seen a sign on the street remembering us of the “scenic route” sign from New Zealand. In Sweden the brown flower sign shows you the “Turistvägen”. Cycling the coastline and passing the beautiful towns of the Tanums Kommun we understood why they put the sign here. In Fjällbacka, one of the bigger towns in the area, we were close to the beach again and had some stunning views on the sea. A short toilet break at a local graveyard led us enojy the sun – this time without wind.

After Fjällbacka we left the main road and had a diversified excursion on forestic paths along a golf club (of course!) and a small airport. Back on the main road Alina had some pain in her knee so we were relieved when we arrived at our hostel in Grebbestad.

Accomodations in Grebbestad

The host was super friendly and we could check in early. After a quick shower we had still some time to take a walk along the harbor. We ate super delicious Langos at the Langosboden. As it was Saturday, the restaurants and bars were quite busy. We could not help it to sit down and have a beer in the sun outside of a bar. Too bad that Alinas pain was back when we walked to our hostel. So Alex got some minor supplies from the supermarket and we relaxed the rest of the evening.

As Alinas pain in the leg was not fully gone the next day we dediced to switch to an appartment for three more nights. The mood was not the best as we wanted to cycle further. But riding with pain was no option. So we hoped time for regeneration and some adjustments of the saddle height would help to solve the problem. Also some more stretching before and after the tours are now a mandatory program. 🦵💪


Total distance: 70.18 km
Max elevation: 84 m
Min elevation: 8 m
Total climbing: 724 m
Total descent: -723 m
Average speed: 18.98 km/h
Total time: 05:39:30
Download file: Sabbatical2021_011_Lysekil_to_Grebbestad.gpx

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