Autumn Tour 2020 Stage 2 – Mainflingen to Großheubach
A nice church and a small town.

Autumn Tour 2020 Stage 2 – Mainflingen to Großheubach

Last night was the first test of our cold weather gear and it performed very well. We have been a bit skeptical but we did not freeze at all. So we could sleep quite long and had a relaxed breakfast including hot tea (thanks to our new gas cooker the water was hot in a few minutes). After a last view over the nice lake behind our tent we started our tour around 11 o´ clock. The direction was clear – following the river Main in south direction. So no tough mountains today 😉.

Following the river Main

The first kilometers were quite annoying on very busy roads but after passing Aschaffenburg nice bike paths along the river began (Wasserwandern auf dem Main). We used the signs along the bike paths in the direction of Miltenberg. On our way we came across some beautiful small towns with ancient buildings, churches and old castles like the Clingenburg. And as the Main is also famous for its ship traffic we saw a ship being in a shipyard.

Camping at the river

Of course the river Main is not only a good place for ships to transfer goods from one place to another. It is also a lovely place to live for a lot of birds. One of the Egyptian gooses posed for the camera when we stopped by.

A lot of campsites are located directly at the river but not all of them have camping season after end of September. So we did not have so much options to stay and chose a campsite in Großheubach. Plenty of space for us, power supply and also the tarp had a nice place. As we were quite early on the spot, we had a lot of time for visiting the small town and doing some shopping at the supermarket.


Total distance: 45.26 km
Max elevation: 138 m
Min elevation: 111 m
Total climbing: 169 m
Total descent: -154 m
Average speed: 15.84 km/h
Total time: 03:46:35
Download file: AutumnTour2020-stage2.gpx

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