Roma to Trevignano Romano (62)

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Sundown with the shilouette of the St. Peter's Basilica.

Of course we had to stay some days in Roma and enjoy the city. But on the first day we were still pretty exhausted and also had to take care of our bicycles. After making laundry we wanted to take the bus to the nearest bicycle store to buy some spare parts. But we took the wrong bus, so we…

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Myggenäs to Fossen (9)

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Nice view from our wooden cabin on the campsite in Fossen.

Like all the nights in the tent so far, also this night was quite cold. But after the gear shopping in Göteborg and some research we got a little bit better prepared. For example we stayed in the tent until the sun was already shining and the temperature started to rise. So we had a nice breakfast in the sun,…

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